Sprint Cup Champion by Year

Here are the final point standings for the top five drivers for each year.  The first is the "Yons" Revised Point System and the second is the Standard Point System.

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Revised Point System

  • Applies the current scoring system to all races including those prior to 2011, with no reset for the Chase
  • Includes all drivers, not just those eligible for points in the Sprint Cup series
  • Drivers in yellow did not win the title but would have under the current scoring system if there was no Chase
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Year Point Leader 2nd in points 3rd in points 4th in points 5th in points
2011Carl Edwards-78Kevin Harvick-87Tony Stewart-90Jimmie Johnson-98Matt Kenseth
2010Kevin Harvick-109Jimmie Johnson-117Carl Edwards-135Denny Hamlin-157Matt Kenseth
2009Jeff Gordon-2Tony Stewart-6Jimmie Johnson-90Kurt Busch-99Denny Hamlin
2008Carl Edwards-38Jimmie Johnson-110Kyle Busch-139Jeff Burton-144Kevin Harvick
2007Jeff Gordon-110Jimmie Johnson-218Matt Kenseth-221Tony Stewart-256Carl Edwards
2006Jimmie Johnson-5Matt Kenseth-98Kevin Harvick-119Denny Hamlin-146Tony Stewart
2005Tony Stewart-58Greg Biffle-105Jimmie Johnson-136Mark Martin-156Carl Edwards
2004Jeff Gordon-18Jimmie Johnson-30Dale Earnhardt, Jr.-51Kurt Busch-72Tony Stewart
2003Matt Kenseth-32Jimmie Johnson-73Kevin Harvick-79Dale Earnhardt, Jr.-85Jeff Gordon
2002Mark Martin-8Tony Stewart-43Jimmie Johnson-45Rusty Wallace-53Kurt Busch
2001Jeff Gordon-79Tony Stewart-87Sterling Marlin-100Ricky Rudd-121Dale Jarrett
2000Bobby Labonte-77Dale Earnhardt-96Jeff Burton-137Dale Jarrett-158Ricky Rudd
1999Dale Jarrett-66Bobby Labonte-91Mark Martin-127Tony Stewart-152Jeff Burton
1998Jeff Gordon-118Mark Martin-215Dale Jarrett-241Rusty Wallace-273Jeff Burton
1997Jeff Gordon-3Mark Martin-12Dale Jarrett-118Jeff Burton-126Dale Earnhardt
1996Terry Labonte-14Jeff Gordon-17Dale Jarrett-81Dale Earnhardt-107Mark Martin
1995Jeff Gordon-1Dale Earnhardt-38Sterling Marlin-61Mark Martin-98Rusty Wallace
1994Dale Earnhardt-124Mark Martin-141Rusty Wallace-153Ricky Rudd-162Ken Schrader
1993Dale Earnhardt-25Rusty Wallace-104Mark Martin-145Dale Jarrett-180Morgan Shepherd
1992Alan Kulwicki-1Bill Elliott-19Davey Allison-26Harry Gant-30Kyle Petty
1991Dale Earnhardt-41Ricky Rudd-61Davey Allison-95Harry Gant-111Ernie Irvan
1990Mark Martin-21Dale Earnhardt-137Geoffrey Bodine-138Bill Elliott-219Morgan Shepherd
1989Rusty Wallace-2Dale Earnhardt-33Mark Martin-51Darrell Waltrip-97Bill Elliott
1988Bill Elliott-16Rusty Wallace-74Dale Earnhardt-139Terry Labonte-168Ken Schrader
1987Dale Earnhardt-132Bill Elliott-189Terry Labonte-195Darrell Waltrip-239Rusty Wallace
1986Dale Earnhardt-73Tim Richmond-87Darrell Waltrip-167Bill Elliott-180Rusty Wallace
1985Darrell Waltrip-16Bill Elliott-76Harry Gant-100Neil Bonnett-111Ricky Rudd
1984Terry Labonte-11Harry Gant-14Bill Elliott-49Dale Earnhardt-74Darrell Waltrip
1983Bobby Allison-24Darrell Waltrip-98Bill Elliott-127Richard Petty-177Terry Labonte
1982Darrell Waltrip-21Bobby Allison-92Terry Labonte-177Harry Gant-204Richard Petty
1981Darrell Waltrip-15Bobby Allison-191Harry Gant-220Jody Ridley-221Terry Labonte
1980Dale Earnhardt-18Cale Yarborough-112Benny Parsons-120Richard Petty-141Darrell Waltrip
1979Richard Petty-3Darrell Waltrip-61Bobby Allison-65Cale Yarborough-165Benny Parsons
1978Cale Yarborough-125Bobby Allison-126Dave Marcis-130Benny Parsons-144Darrell Waltrip
1977Cale Yarborough-107Richard Petty-116Benny Parsons-127Darrell Waltrip-275Buddy Baker
1976Cale Yarborough-46Richard Petty-76Benny Parsons-141Bobby Allison-178Lennie Pond
1975Richard Petty-206Dave Marcis-213James Hylton-242Richard Childress-280Benny Parsons
1974Cale Yarborough-6Richard Petty-221Dave Marcis-268Bobby Allison-282Benny Parsons
1973Cale Yarborough-25Benny Parsons-26Richard Petty-67Cecil Gordon-79Buddy Baker
1972Richard Petty-14Bobby Allison-196James Hylton-358Benny Parsons-358Cecil Gordon
1971Richard Petty-286James Hylton-370Bobby Allison-457Cecil Gordon-547Elmo Langley
1970Bobby Isaac-76Bobby Allison-118James Hylton-244Richard Petty-384Neil Castles
1969David Pearson-181Richard Petty-232James Hylton-259Bobby Isaac-335Neil Castles
1968David Pearson-89Richard Petty-127Bobby Isaac-372Clyde Lynn-400John Sears
1967Richard Petty-346James Hylton-454Bobby Allison-509Jim Paschal-587Elmo Langley
1966David Pearson-194James Hylton-210John Sears-253Elmo Langley-270Henley Gray
1965Ned Jarrett-224Dick Hutcherson-576Neil Castles-592Wendell Scott-597Bob Derrington
1964Richard Petty-22Ned Jarrett-68David Pearson-434Curtis Crider-550Wendell Scott
1963Richard Petty-124Ned Jarrett-168Joe Weatherly-439Jimmy Pardue-505Buck Baker
1962Joe Weatherly-97Richard Petty-239Ned Jarrett-241Jack Smith_1-491Herman Beam
1961Rex White-89Ned Jarrett-378Richard Petty-395Emanuel Zervakis-422Junior Johnson
1960Rex White-116Richard Petty-160Lee Petty-188Ned Jarrett-323Buck Baker
1959Lee Petty-388Cotton Owens-502Buck Baker-637L.D. Austin-688Junior Johnson
1958Lee Petty-308Buck Baker-627L.D. Austin-656Speedy Thompson-679Jack Smith
1957Buck Baker-97Marvin Panch-110Lee Petty-116Fireball Roberts-220Jack Smith
1956Buck Baker-118Herb Thomas-252Lee Petty-335Speedy Thompson-435Jim Paschal
1955Tim Flock-39Buck Baker-101Lee Petty-457Junior Johnson-469Eddie Skinner
1954Lee Petty-35Herb Thomas-41Buck Baker-89Dick Rathman-207Joe Eubanks
1953Herb Thomas-56Lee Petty-225Dick Rathman-270Buck Baker-390Fonty Flock
1952Tim Flock-33Lee Petty-67Herb Thomas-240Fonty Flock-360Dick Rathman
1951Fonty Flock-69Herb Thomas-101Tim Flock-157Lee Petty-476Frank Mundy
1950Lee Petty-53Bill Rexford-90Lloyd Moore-110Curtis Turner-113Bill Blair
1949Lee Petty-4Red Byron-6Bill Blair-28Bob Flock-34Curtis Turner

Standard Point System

  • Scoring is the same as the official Nascar system used for that year, but with no reset for the Chase
  • Drivers in blue would not have won with the current scoring system
  • Nascar does not list the points prior to 1975, not sure what the system was to determine the champ, but I plan to go back and calculate the points with the two systems
Year Point Leader 2nd in points 3rd in points 4th in points 5th in points
2011Carl Edwards-78Kevin Harvick-87Tony Stewart-90Jimmie Johnson-98Matt Kenseth
2010Kevin Harvick-285Jimmie Johnson-409Denny Hamlin-454Carl Edwards-605Jeff Gordon
2009Jimmie Johnson-66Jeff Gordon-71Tony Stewart-350Denny Hamlin-394Mark Martin
2008Carl Edwards-16Jimmie Johnson-252Kyle Busch-489Greg Biffle-527Jeff Burton
2007Jeff Gordon-353Jimmie Johnson-706Tony Stewart-737Matt Kenseth-832Denny Hamlin
2006Jimmie Johnson-4Matt Kenseth-320Kevin Harvick-431Tony Stewart-433Denny Hamlin
2005Tony Stewart-215Greg Biffle-428Jimmie Johnson-523Mark Martin-602Carl Edwards
2004Jeff Gordon-47Jimmie Johnson-173Dale Earnhardt, Jr.-247Kurt Busch-341Tony Stewart
2003Matt Kenseth-90Jimmie Johnson-207Dale Earnhardt, Jr.-237Jeff Gordon-252Kevin Harvick
2002Tony Stewart-38Mark Martin-159Kurt Busch-193Jeff Gordon-200Jimmie Johnson
2001Jeff Gordon-344Tony Stewart-371Sterling Marlin-406Ricky Rudd-500Dale Jarrett
2000Bobby Labonte-265Dale Earnhardt-289Jeff Burton-446Dale Jarrett-555Ricky Rudd
1999Dale Jarrett-201Bobby Labonte-319Mark Martin-488Tony Stewart-529Jeff Burton
1998Jeff Gordon-364Mark Martin-709Dale Jarrett-827Rusty Wallace-913Jeff Burton
1997Jeff Gordon-14Dale Jarrett-29Mark Martin-425Jeff Burton-494Dale Earnhardt
1996Terry Labonte-37Jeff Gordon-89Dale Jarrett-330Dale Earnhardt-379Mark Martin
1995Jeff Gordon-34Dale Earnhardt-253Sterling Marlin-294Mark Martin-374Rusty Wallace
1994Dale Earnhardt-444Mark Martin-487Rusty Wallace-634Ken Schrader-644Ricky Rudd
1993Dale Earnhardt-80Rusty Wallace-376Mark Martin-526Dale Jarrett-666Kyle Petty
1992Alan Kulwicki-10Bill Elliott-63Davey Allison-123Harry Gant-133Kyle Petty
1991Dale Earnhardt-195Ricky Rudd-199Davey Allison-302Harry Gant-362Ernie Irvan
1990Dale Earnhardt-26Mark Martin-413Geoffrey Bodine-431Bill Elliott-741Morgan Shepherd
1989Rusty Wallace-12Dale Earnhardt-118Mark Martin-205Darrell Waltrip-390Ken Schrader
1988Bill Elliott-24Rusty Wallace-232Dale Earnhardt-481Terry Labonte-630Ken Schrader
1987Dale Earnhardt-489Bill Elliott-694Terry Labonte-780Darrell Waltrip-878Rusty Wallace
1986Dale Earnhardt-288Darrell Waltrip-294Tim Richmond-624Bill Elliott-645Ricky Rudd
1985Darrell Waltrip-101Bill Elliott-264Harry Gant-395Neil Bonnett-430Geoffrey Bodine
1984Terry Labonte-65Harry Gant-131Bill Elliott-238Dale Earnhardt-278Darrell Waltrip
1983Bobby Allison-47Darrell Waltrip-388Bill Elliott-625Richard Petty-663Terry Labonte
1982Darrell Waltrip-72Bobby Allison-278Terry Labonte-612Harry Gant-675Richard Petty
1981Darrell Waltrip-53Bobby Allison-662Harry Gant-828Terry Labonte-878Jody Ridley
1980Dale Earnhardt-19Cale Yarborough-383Benny Parsons-406Richard Petty-422Darrell Waltrip
1979Richard Petty-11Darrell Waltrip-197Bobby Allison-226Cale Yarborough-577Benny Parsons
1978Cale Yarborough-474Bobby Allison-479Darrell Waltrip-491Benny Parsons-506Dave Marcis
1977Cale Yarborough-386Richard Petty-430Benny Parsons-502Darrell Waltrip-1039Buddy Baker
1976Cale Yarborough-195Richard Petty-340Benny Parsons-547Bobby Allison-714Lennie Pond
1975Richard Petty-722Dave Marcis-869James Hylton-963Benny Parsons-965Richard Childress

Chase Point System

  • Scoring is the same as the official Nascar system used for that year, with a reset for the Chase
Year Champion 2nd in points 3rd in points 4th in points 5th in points
2011Tony Stewart0Carl Edwards-58Kevin Harvick-73Matt Kenseth-84Brad Keselowski
2010Jimmie Johnson-39Denny Hamlin-41Kevin Harvick-229Carl Edwards-328Matt Kenseth
2009Jimmie Johnson-141Mark Martin-179Jeff Gordon-206Kurt Busch-317Denny Hamlin
2008Jimmie Johnson-69Carl Edwards-217Greg Biffle-276Kevin Harvick-303Clint Bowyer
2007Jimmie Johnson-77Jeff Gordon-346Clint Bowyer-425Matt Kenseth-430Kyle Busch
2006Jimmie Johnson-56Matt Kenseth-68Denny Hamlin-78Kevin Harvick-147Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
2005Tony Stewart-35Greg Biffle-35Carl Edwards-105Mark Martin-127Jimmie Johnson
2004Kurt Busch-8Jimmie Johnson-16Jeff Gordon-107Mark Martin-138Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Point System Comparisions

  • Without the Chase we would of had the same points champion with either todays point system or the old point system
  • Without the Chase, we see the following points champions:
    • Carl Edwards - 2011, 2008
    • Jimmie Johnson - 2009, 2006
    • Jeff Gordon - 2007, 2004
    • Kevin Harvick - 2010
    • Tony Stewart - 2005
Year Won By Champion Ahead of 2nd place by No Chase reset Ahead of 2nd place by No Chase reset, new point system
20110Tony Stewart78Carl Edwards78Carl Edwards
201039Jimmie Johnson285Kevin Harvick109Kevin Harvick
2009141Jimmie Johnson66Jimmie Johnson2Jimmie Johnson
200869Jimmie Johnson16Carl Edwards38Carl Edwards
200777Jimmie Johnson353Jeff Gordon110Jeff Gordon
200656Jimmie Johnson4Jimmie Johnson5Jimmie Johnson
200535Tony Stewart215Tony Stewart58Tony Stewart
20048Kurt Busch47Jeff Gordon18Jeff Gordon

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