Nationwide Series Champion by Year

Here are the final point standings for the top five drivers for each year.  The first is the "Yons" Revised Point System and the second is the Standard Point System.

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Revised Point System

  • Applies the current scoring system to all races including those prior to 2011
  • Includes all drivers, not just those eligible for points in the Nationwide series
  • Drivers in green would have won the title under the current scoring system
  • Driver in blue would have won the title if all drivers were eligible for points
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Year Point Leader 2nd in points 3rd in points 4th in points 5th in points
2011Carl Edwards-77Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.-122Elliott Sadler-194Justin Allgaier-237Aric Almirola
2010Brad Keselowski-111Carl Edwards-204Kyle Busch-251Justin Allgaier-318Paul Menard
2009Kyle Busch-32Carl Edwards-49Brad Keselowski-266Jason Leffler-412Justin Allgaier
2008Clint Bowyer-24Carl Edwards-91Brad Keselowski-152Mike Bliss-202David Ragan
2007Carl Edwards-158David Reutimann-170Kevin Harvick-225Jason Leffler-302David Ragan
2006Kevin Harvick-258Carl Edwards-289Clint Bowyer-302Denny Hamlin-465J.J. Yeley
2005Martin Truex, Jr.-17Clint Bowyer-101Carl Edwards-131Reed Sorenson-241Denny Hamlin
2004Martin Truex, Jr.-68Kyle Busch-181Greg Biffle-242Ron Hornaday, Jr.-294Mike Bliss
2003David Green-3Ron Hornaday, Jr.-6Brian Vickers-23Bobby Hamilton, Jr.-61Jason Keller
2002Greg Biffle-59Jason Keller-89Scott Wimmer-162Mike McLaughlin-190Jack Sprague
2001Kevin Harvick-20Jason Keller-23Jeff Green-49Greg Biffle-208Elton Sawyer
2000Jeff Green-155Jason Keller-228Kevin Harvick-260Todd Bodine-337Ron Hornaday, Jr.
1999Dale Earnhardt, Jr.-70Jeff Green-91Matt Kenseth-161Todd Bodine-266Elton Sawyer
1998Matt Kenseth-2Dale Earnhardt, Jr.-105Mike McLaughlin-240Elton Sawyer-250Randy LaJoie
1997Randy LaJoie-73Todd Bodine-90Steve Park-224Mike McLaughlin-246Phil Parsons
1996Randy LaJoie-15David Green-186Todd Bodine-199Jeff Green-239Chad Little
1995Johnny Benson, Jr.-127Chad Little-132Mike McLaughlin-147Jason Keller-196Jeff Green
1994David Green-10Ricky Craven-17Chad Little-59Kenny Wallace-123Hermie Sadler
1993Steve Grissom-75Ricky Craven-75David Green-86Chuck Bown-123Bobby Dotter
1992Joe Nemechek-11Bobby Labonte-23Todd Bodine-64Jeff Gordon-94Kenny Wallace
1991Bobby Labonte-25Kenny Wallace-103Joe Nemechek-103Chuck Bown-108Robert Pressley
1990Chuck Bown-49Jimmy Hensley-111Bobby Labonte-120Steve Grissom-154Tom Peck
1989Rob Moroso-13L.D. Ottinger-18Tommy Houston-21Tommy Ellis-61Jack Ingram
1988Tommy Ellis-87Rob Moroso-92Mike Alexander-95Tommy Houston-125Larry Pearson
1987Larry Pearson-107Jack Ingram-108Jimmy Hensley-109Brett Bodine-162Dale Jarrett
1986Larry Pearson-3Brett Bodine-58Jack Ingram-95Dale Jarrett-118Tommy Houston
1985Jimmy Hensley-2Jack Ingram-42Larry Pearson-45Tommy Houston-92Dale Jarrett
1984Sam Ard-128Jack Ingram-140Tommy Houston-144Dale Jarrett-356Ronnie Silver
1983Sam Ard-38Jack Ingram-143Tommy Houston-150Tommy Ellis-374Dale Jarrett
1982Jack Ingram-15Sam Ard-178Tommy Ellis-184Tommy Houston-287Phil Parsons

Standard Point System

  • Scoring is the same as the official Nascar system used for that year
  • Drivers in yellow would not have won with the current scoring system
  • Driver in blue would not have won if all drivers were eligible for points
Year Point Leader 2nd in points 3rd in points 4th in points 5th in points
2011Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.-45Elliott Sadler-117Justin Allgaier-127Aric Almirola-160Reed Sorenson
2010Brad Keselowski-445Carl Edwards-705Kyle Busch-960Justin Allgaier-1172Paul Menard
2009Kyle Busch-210Carl Edwards-318Brad Keselowski-1142Jason Leffler-1607Mike Bliss
2008Clint Bowyer-21Carl Edwards-338Brad Keselowski-607David Ragan-614Mike Bliss
2007Carl Edwards-618David Reutimann-809Jason Leffler-812Kevin Harvick-1066David Ragan
2006Kevin Harvick-824Carl Edwards-965Clint Bowyer-981Denny Hamlin-1161J.J. Yeley
2005Martin Truex, Jr.-68Clint Bowyer-336Carl Edwards-484Reed Sorenson-794Denny Hamlin
2004Martin Truex, Jr.-230Kyle Busch-605Greg Biffle-915Ron Hornaday, Jr.-1058Mike Bliss
2003Brian Vickers-14David Green-46Ron Hornaday, Jr.-49Bobby Hamilton, Jr.-109Jason Keller
2002Greg Biffle-280Jason Keller-436Scott Wimmer-671Mike McLaughlin-718Jack Sprague
2001Kevin Harvick-124Jeff Green-171Jason Keller-304Greg Biffle-713Elton Sawyer
2000Jeff Green-616Jason Keller-892Kevin Harvick-930Todd Bodine-1135Ron Hornaday, Jr.
1999Dale Earnhardt, Jr.-280Jeff Green-320Matt Kenseth-618Todd Bodine-756Elton Sawyer
1998Dale Earnhardt, Jr.-48Matt Kenseth-429Mike McLaughlin-926Randy LaJoie-936Elton Sawyer
1997Randy LaJoie-266Todd Bodine-301Steve Park-767Mike McLaughlin-847Elliott Sadler
1996Randy LaJoie-29David Green-650Todd Bodine-655Jeff Green-730Chad Little
1995Johnny Benson, Jr.-404Chad Little-415Mike McLaughlin-477Jason Keller-506Jeff Green
1994David Green-46Ricky Craven-63Chad Little-171Kenny Wallace-259Hermie Sadler
1993Steve Grissom-253Ricky Craven-262David Green-314Chuck Bown-403Joe Nemechek
1992Joe Nemechek-3Bobby Labonte-63Todd Bodine-222Jeff Gordon-287Robert Pressley
1991Bobby Labonte-74Kenny Wallace-335Robert Pressley-342Chuck Bown-348Jimmy Hensley
1990Chuck Bown-200Jimmy Hensley-390Steve Grissom-395Bobby Labonte-504Tom Peck
1989Rob Moroso-55Tommy Houston-56Tommy Ellis-85L.D. Ottinger-199Jack Ingram
1988Tommy Ellis-295Rob Moroso-300Larry Pearson-315Mike Alexander-317Tommy Houston
1987Larry Pearson-394Jimmy Hensley-399Brett Bodine-413Jack Ingram-575Dale Jarrett
1986Larry Pearson-7Brett Bodine-233Jack Ingram-328Dale Jarrett-416Tommy Houston
1985Jack Ingram-29Jimmy Hensley-155Larry Pearson-170Tommy Houston-332Dale Jarrett
1984Sam Ard-426Jack Ingram-482Tommy Houston-538Dale Jarrett-1139Ronnie Silver
1983Sam Ard-87Jack Ingram-521Tommy Houston-525Tommy Ellis-617Dale Jarrett
1982Jack Ingram-47Sam Ard-622Tommy Ellis-668Tommy Houston-712Phil Parsons

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