Camping World Truck Series Champion by Year

Here are the final point standings for the top five drivers for each year.  The first is the "Yons" Revised Point System and the second is the Standard Point System.

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Revised Point System

  • Applies the current scoring system to all races including those prior to 2011
  • Includes all drivers, not just those eligible for points in the Camping World Truck Series
  • Driver in green would have won the title under the current scoring system
  • Drivers in blue would have been tied under the current scoring system
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Year Point Leader 2nd in points 3rd in points 4th in points 5th in points
2011Austin Dillon-6Johnny Sauter-29James Buescher-50Ron Hornaday, Jr.-56Timothy Peters
2010Todd Bodine-40Aric Almirola-60Johnny Sauter-86Matt Crafton-143Austin Dillon
2009Ron Hornaday, Jr.-34Matt Crafton-89Mike Skinner-145Todd Bodine-157Johnny Sauter
2008Johnny Benson, Jr.-8Todd Bodine-16Ron Hornaday, Jr.-72Matt Crafton-74Erik Darnell
2007Ron Hornaday, Jr.-25Mike Skinner-101Johnny Benson, Jr.-113Rick Crawford-117Travis Kvapil
2006Todd Bodine-28David Reutimann-40Johnny Benson, Jr.-78David Starr-98Ron Hornaday, Jr.
2005Ted Musgrave-20Dennis Setzer-42Todd Bodine-51Ron Hornaday, Jr.-91Mike Skinner
2004Bobby Hamilton0Dennis Setzer-31Carl Edwards-32Ted Musgrave-55Matt Crafton
2003Travis Kvapil-3Dennis Setzer-13Ted Musgrave-15Brendan Gaughan-45Jon Wood
2002Mike Bliss-19Rick Crawford-27Ted Musgrave-52Terry Cook-57David Starr
2001Jack Sprague0Joe Ruttman-5Ted Musgrave-11Travis Kvapil-26Scott Riggs
2000Greg Biffle-60Kurt Busch-66Andy Houston-104Mike Wallace-140Joe Ruttman
1999Greg Biffle-55Jack Sprague-73Dennis Setzer-85Stacy Compton-95Jay Sauter
1998Ron Hornaday, Jr.-1Jack Sprague-64Joe Ruttman-111Jay Sauter-141Tony Raines
1997Jack Sprague-70Rich Bickle-70Joe Ruttman-102Mike Bliss-116Ron Hornaday, Jr.
1996Ron Hornaday, Jr.-11Mike Skinner-17Jack Sprague-159Joe Ruttman-187Mike Bliss
1995Mike Skinner-36Joe Ruttman-59Ron Hornaday, Jr.-124Butch Miller-136Jack Sprague

Standard Point System

  • Scoring is the same as the official Nascar system used for that year
  • Driver in yellow would not have won with the current scoring system
Year Point Leader 2nd in points 3rd in points 4th in points 5th in points
2011Austin Dillon-6Johnny Sauter-29James Buescher-50Ron Hornaday, Jr.-56Timothy Peters
2010Todd Bodine-207Aric Almirola-261Johnny Sauter-390Matt Crafton-558Austin Dillon
2009Ron Hornaday, Jr.-187Matt Crafton-357Mike Skinner-527Todd Bodine-621Colin Braun
2008Johnny Benson, Jr.-7Ron Hornaday, Jr.-104Todd Bodine-313Erik Darnell-333Matt Crafton
2007Ron Hornaday, Jr.-54Mike Skinner-425Johnny Benson, Jr.-457Todd Bodine-459Rick Crawford
2006Todd Bodine-127Johnny Benson, Jr.-136David Reutimann-311David Starr-338Jack Sprague
2005Ted Musgrave-55Dennis Setzer-73Todd Bodine-166Ron Hornaday, Jr.-262Mike Skinner
2004Bobby Hamilton-46Dennis Setzer-70Ted Musgrave-131Carl Edwards-245Matt Crafton
2003Travis Kvapil-9Dennis Setzer-18Ted Musgrave-40Brendan Gaughan-178Jon Wood
2002Mike Bliss-46Rick Crawford-51Ted Musgrave-203Jason Leffler-215David Starr
2001Jack Sprague-73Ted Musgrave-100Joe Ruttman-123Travis Kvapil-144Scott Riggs
2000Greg Biffle-230Kurt Busch-260Andy Houston-376Mike Wallace-510Jack Sprague
1999Jack Sprague-8Greg Biffle-108Dennis Setzer-124Stacy Compton-204Jay Sauter
1998Ron Hornaday, Jr.-3Jack Sprague-198Joe Ruttman-400Jay Sauter-476Tony Raines
1997Jack Sprague-232Rich Bickle-233Joe Ruttman-358Mike Bliss-395Ron Hornaday, Jr.
1996Ron Hornaday, Jr.-53Jack Sprague-60Mike Skinner-556Joe Ruttman-641Mike Bliss
1995Mike Skinner-126Joe Ruttman-238Ron Hornaday, Jr.-412Butch Miller-484Jack Sprague

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