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What is a YON?

It's a clique, "a small exclusive group of friends or associates." The Yons formed in the 80's at New Hanover High School in Wilmington, NC. Most Yons were in the marching band (before the term "band geeks," we were FAR from geeks) with Cooker (right in picture) and Dud being the exception. There were only a small handfull of "Original Yons" but it grew to include 100's of "Associate Yons."

It started when my friend, "Cuz" (left in picture) met a guy from New Orleans who greeted him with "What's up yon?" ... that's all it took, and the rest is history as they say.

In the late 90's I created the domain and have held it ever since, with various web pages on this domain. Now it has involved to this site where I post my pictures and videos.

This version of the site started out as a way to share my (that's me in the sunglasses) pictures of our trip to Disney World, and I'm in the process of adding more stuff. The concerts section is pretty much complete. My recent 2018 vacation will include (when complete) content from our trip to New York, Washington, DC and a train trip on the California Zephyr across the country back to Oakland. I also take a lot of pictures of sunrises here in Las Vegas and also my two cats Seve and Marvin.

The pictures and video are not limited in size and will open big if you want a larger version, just make your browser larger. At the same time I hope it looks okay in smaller browsers and phones. It may take until next Christmas break when I have enough time to work on this again. If you are in a hurry I try and put the very best of each day under the "Overview" page. The intention is to add text to most of the pictures, but that may take some time.

If you were looking for the Nascar site that used to be on it has moved here. And an even older website with my moms watercolors it is here.

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